An Understanding of Family Structure, pt 2


Robert Roe: “The Twelve Tribes: An Understanding of Family Structure, pt 2



Robert Roe returns as we finish our investigation of Tartary and the House of Israel, and understanding twelve as it relates to family structure. We’ll be connecting some amazing new dots to our ancient past in this episode. You won’t want to miss it. Hreodbeorht Røe (aka Robert Roe) married, a father of a son and daughter as well as expecting another son at the end of May. He has no formal education other than some Naval experience as a logistics specialist, and he currently works as a weigh-master dealing with truck drivers. As an autodidact, he has a profound love of learning, and also enjoys martial arts, hunting, traveling, and craftsmanship. He had a rough upbringing that he credits in many ways for humbling him enough to lead him to the trivium but not enough to keep him out of trouble. Because of this he likes to dig into the things that turn most away.

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An Understanding of Family Structure

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