The Extraordinary Nature of Water

Viktor Schauberger –  The Extraordinary Nature of Water Water is the key to life on earth. A common substance and critical to an understanding of the aether, water is so little understood considering how vital it is. Viktor Schauberger was descended from a long line …

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Overview Effect

    ‘Overview’ is a short film that explores this phenomenon through interviews with five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect. The film also features insights from commentators and thinkers on the wider implications and importance of this understanding for society, and …

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Goethe’s Theory of Colours

  Goethe’s Theory of Colours (Zur Farbenlehre) as a point of departure, LIGHT, DARKNESS, AND COLOURS takes us on a fascinating journey through the universe of colors.         In 1704 Sir Isaac Newton published “Light and Refraction,” his study of …

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