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 Slaughterbots machine learning has already helped small drones teach themselves to perform aerial maneuvers that human controllers cannot possibly perform. Slaughterbots is a disturbing short film by the group the “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots“. 4,807 total views, 7 views today

4,807 total views, 7 views today

The Matrix is Real


 The Matrix is Real   see the full interview down here Interview with Nick Bostrom at the Future of Humanity Institute Oxford University – – The simulation argument is continuing to attract a great deal of attention. I regret that I cannot …

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Thunderbolts of the Gods


 Thunderbolts of the Gods     From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological …

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