The Most Sacred Knowledge On Our Planet

Nassim Haremin


Nassim Haramein (b. 1962) is a Swiss amateur physicist. Haramein claims to have developed, in collaboration with academic-but-fringe physicist Elizabeth RauscherWikipedia’s W.svg, a Unified Field Theory that he calls the Haramein-Rauscher Metric. According to Haramein, this “metric” is a new solution to Einstein’s Field Equations that incorporates torque and coriolis effects. He is also the founder of the Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics and the Resonance Project, a website and foundation addressing his unified physics.




Despite his claims, Haramein’s work is unacknowledged by mainstream physicists. The only people who take him seriously tend to be fans of Coast to Coast AM (where he has appeared on several occasions). Selections from his talks are available on YouTube. Many of his papers can be downloaded from his website (he doesn’t even get his stuff onto arXiv). Wikipedia articles about him have been repeatedly deleted on notability grounds


The tetragrammaton (/ˌtɛtrəˈɡræmətɒn/; from Greek Τετραγράμματον, meaning “[consisting of] four letters”), יהוה‬ in Hebrew and YHWH in Latin script, is the four-letter biblical name of the God of Israel.

The books of the Torah and the rest of the Hebrew Bible (with the exception of Esther, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs) contain the Hebrew word יהוה‬. Religiously observant Jews and those who follow conservative Jewish traditions do not pronounce יהוה‬, nor do they read aloud transliterated forms such as Yahweh; instead the word is substituted with a different term, whether used to address or to refer to the God of Israel. Common substitutions for Hebrew forms are hakadosh baruch hu (“The Holy One, Blessed Be He”), Adonai (“The Lord”), or HaShem (“The Name”).



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